Why Meaningful Work Matters

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People are diligently seeking purpose and meaning not only in their personal lives, but also in their professional lives – that important connection to sense of self.  Meaningful work is a fundamental asset to a properly functioning work environment that can simultaneously strengthen an individual’s self-worth and overall well-being.

Employees want to see their work as being valuable and important to the overall picture. Without meaningful work in place, employees may start to feel like their work is not important and overall, may reduce retention. More importantly, employees who find their work is meaningful may experience significantly greater job satisfaction and increased productivity. 

How do employees achieve meaningful work through the workplace?  

Employees feel a sense of worth and are able to connect their work to meaningful purpose when an their talents are recognized, when their company’s mission is bigger than themselves, and  employees and their families are supported during both good and trying times. 

At Mission Health, we provide our employees with the best Mission Experience possible through our commitment to our CARES core values of Character, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and Service. We create a meaningful work experience by recognizing our employees through personalized growth opportunities and through our education and career development programs. 

One of the development programs that Mission utilizes is the Make-A-Friend Mentorship Program. During this program, new employees are partnered with a mentor, which is an experienced Mission employee that exemplifies our CARES values, to easily transition our new employees while also enriching the career paths of our current employees. 

Mission has also partnered with Capella University where employees can seek tuition discounts and continue their education through us! Capella University offers a FlexPath option so employees can easily earn their degree on demand, they can set their own deadlines, and leverage personal experience to advance at your own time and budget. 

Interested in a career with Mission and don’t know where to start? Begin your CNA career path with us through our CNA Certification Program! Mission Health will provide you with a varied and interesting balance of classroom time, lab, and clinical sessions to give you everything you need for a successful and rewarding experience. Each student will be well prepared to successfully complete the CNA certification course and pass the State Exam – so you can begin your new career path with us as soon as possible. 

Mission Health has not only waived the cost of the program and testing, but we have a position waiting for you once the certification process is complete! It is important to us that your experience is an excellent one – and one that leads to outstanding outcomes for you, our community, and our residents. 

Benefits can go beyond a paycheck or having health insurance.  Mission Health also understands that emergencies happen and wants to provide the most support to our employees and their families during trying times. That’s why we have put the Emergency Relief Fund into action! Employees can apply for financial assistance when facing unexpected financial emergencies and need that extra assistance to pull through. 

We also recognize our current employees through our Anniversary program! As we work towards consistently recognizing and retaining our dedicated workforce, we can’t overemphasize how important the Anniversary Celebration program is. It is our very first standardized approach to thanking our awesome employees in a more meaningful way, because without our employees, the Mission Experience would not be possible.

Employees want to work for a company that they are able to grow with, and with Mission Health, we provide you with everything you need to succeed and grow your career path with us. Your work is meaningful, and it deserves to be recognized. Every accomplishment should be celebrated, and as the saying goes, when working for the right company – you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Work for a company that gives your life and the effort you put purpose. Whether you are starting your career, or trying to further it, start with Mission Health to get the best experience possible. 

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